gorgeous snow

I had much to do today.  But just like every other day, I shut off the TV.  We always have Good Morning America on in the morning, but as soon as the house is empty and I’ve had my breakfast, I turn the TV off.   I love the quiet, love love love it.  I have thought about it before how much I love it now, but I’m sure when the girls are gone, that will change.  But today for some reason, I played music all day and it was so inspiring.   Then shortly after I started the music, I looked outside to find this.






and then I saw these 2 had found a cozy spot to spend their day




Delaney saw that I had taken pictures of today’s snow and she thought I was weird.   Where has she been all of her life?  I was taking pictures of trees and snow before she was born and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be taking pictures of everything I find in my sight for quite some time.

After a day of music and gorgeous snowy weather, I’m officially in the Christmas mood.



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  1. Loydene says:

    Hi Danelle – Funny – i was just wondering what you were up to and someone posted the same question at 2Ps. I left your blog addy –
    I’ve told several people your idea (as best as I recall) of creating photo books for your daughters – and the photo index book of everything you shot during a time period. Do you have a written explanation of that plan anywhere?
    Love the rainbow hair of the earlier post — and hope it washed out as easily as I imagine you planned!

  2. danelle says:

    Hi Loydene,
    I’m doing well. Still doing lots of designing for the companies I work with and staying busy keeping up with the girls and their activities. I’m glad you stopped by. I need to utilize this blog more than I do facebook. I’ve gotten away from it and I really miss it. Here’s a link to what I do (the year in review books I started several years back) and it’s still working for me, although I don’t have any updated photos to share. I’m so glad I started this when I did, because it has been one of my favorite projects.


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