We’re back.  I appreciate the notes and emails.  I love hearing from you.

We had something come up that relates to internet safety and so, we decided to take the blog down for a bit while we deciphered things.    People do strange things and I know that having an internet presence can contribute to that.  But we feel good about bringing it back and the best part is that I have missed blogging.  I have decided to get back to sharing more through my blog and less through Facebook.   I think those that are reading here are much more interested in what they might find whereas I’m not sure that I can say that about Facebook (I won’t go on about that though.)

So today here’s what is going on in our world:

  • Delaney is playing 7th grade basketball (she doesn’t think she is very good, so consequently she doesn’t like it.)  She has always been one to do only the things she feels good at, but there are a few things I commit her to anyway so she can learn those lessons that come from not being the best and working hard to better yourself.   So many rewards.
  • Delaney’s first love over all else she does is volleyball.  She plays pretty much year around.  So she just finished trying out for a traveling Club Team.  32 girls from the region tried out and they were good.  She was worried, but received a spot on the team of 16.  So she’s doing volleyball now too, which will last until end of March.
  • After much back and forth (and I mean a LOT) McKinley stepped down from her team gymnastics.  She was up to 8 hours a week practicing, with 3 more hours on the road.  She LOVES gymnastics and loves her coaches and team, but does not love competition.  She almost has too soft of a heart for it.   So she let that go and has every day after school FREE, except church night.  She is the happiest kid.  She has lists of things she wants to play and do.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a kid who loves to play as much as she does.  She still misses the girls and the all the movement, but doesn’t miss the committment.  This also allowed us to go to all of Delaney’s 7th grade games as a family.
  • We have always been pretty active in sports.  I loved sports as a kid, couldn’t get enough, but I have always payed careful attention to when is enough.  I read a great blog post earlier today from someone in regards to girls playing sports and I couldn’t agree more with it.   I know that being involved in sports has taught my girls and myself so many valuable life skills.   I don’t think if McKinley would have done gymnastics she would have ever had the courage to do many of the things she can now do.  Doing a routine on the balance beam in front of an entire gym is quite a feat for a kid who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight.
  • I have started doing a limited amount of Photo Shoots for clients.   I have a family session today after school and a Senior one tomorrow.  I’m not sure why I am doing this other than I feel pulled in that direction creatively.  So I’m just going to go with it for now and keep it simple.  It has to be simple to work for me.
  • I am working on sports scrapbooks.  Dance, gymnastics, and a combined middle school activities book.   I like things in our scrapbooks organized by type.  I don’t like it all mixed up.  So I will put all of Delaney’s extra-curricular in one album.  I special ordered an 8×11 post ring album and with custom mongram.  She’ll get it for Christmas.  Funny thing, it came and they spelled our school name wrong.  You should have seen how fast I got to the computer to see if it was my mistake or theirs.  Thank goodness it was not my mistake.  So I have a new one coming.   I am trying to print photos as the year goes.  I have learned to not put it off or it may never get done (funny how it works much like laundry.)
  • I have recently learned that cooking good food is a big priority in this family.  I get emails from Delaney during the day (which I love) and almost all of them include something about food.  You can tell that she is a growing kid (she is almost my size and that is hard to accept some days.)  So when she shows me her real age in other ways, not all of which are good, I’m actually happy to be reminded she is only 12.
  • I am excited to get back to blogging.  I’m going to go back and do some catching up, so check back often.
  • Last night the TV landed on ELF and the girls and I were all in the living room watching.  I can’t tell you when the last time that happened.  We’ve been so busy doing better things.  But it warmed my heart when BOTH girls started talking about how excited they were for Christmas, talking about what things specifically they were looking forward to.  McKinley mentioned all the decorations and having a fire at night.  Delaney said she couldn’t wait for all the Hallmark movies and time with family and NOT at school.  I didn’t hear one mention of presents.  (Maybe they are just a little less materialistic than I wonder sometimes?)

It wouldn’t be a blog post without a photo.  I noticed I took over 12,000 photos so far this year, ouch!   This is from last week.  McK’s school held a Red Ribbon anti-drug week and one of these days was crazy hair.  She’s been wanting rainbow hair for a while, so this was the perfect day for it.  This kids LOVES colored hair so much, I can only imagine what she’s going to do with her hair when she’s older.  Her personality is so gentle, but her sense is style can be so loud.

I’m glad to have the blog back, thanks for reading.



5 Responses to “Hello.”

  1. Susan Byrd says:

    So glad you are back. I have missed your post.

  2. Suzi says:

    So glad to see you back :-)
    I love McKinley’s hair! It is awesome!
    I have been thinking about creating a birthday’s album
    and like you said, I wish I had been keeping up with it as we went along.
    My son will be 10 next week and I feel a fun catch up project coming on :-)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. JoAnn says:

    how did you do that hair?!? Too fun!

  4. L. says:

    Hoooorrrrrayyyyyy!! It’s nice to see you back in blogging land! I missed
    your updates on your sweet family and your work!

    So happy you are back! Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and yours.

  5. love that you are blogging again!
    welcome back! missed yOU!
    love seeing and hearing about your adorable girls!

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