a big deal for a little girl


She has been waiting for this for a couple of months.  Last Friday was finally the day for her to get her hair cut.   She’s had long hair forever and decided a few months back she wanted to get it cut short (or short to her.)  So we waited until after the last gymnastics meet for the year to get it cut.


Leading up to the day, she became more and more excited and just couldn’t wait.  I was hoping all the while that she loved it since it was so anticipated for her.  With swim team just around the corner, putting all that hair in a swim cap was not going to be missed by either of us.


So finally on Friday, it was time and she couldn’t stop smiling.  AND she did indeed love it, more than I imagined, so much that she hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  She was so excited to go to school on Monday, she planned the perfect outfit or 2 or 3 and told me about each one.   For church on Mother’s Day, she loved it so much she said she wanted it fixed like this everyday (same as it was the day before, but apparently she thought it was even better.)    By bed time, she was sure that it had already grown some (seriously she really does make me smile.)  I wish I could bottle her sweetness and innocence and keep it with her forever.  It’s one of those things that is just the most precious thing about her.



In church on Mother’s Day during the sharing of the peace, she had something incredibly important to tell me.  I thought something was urgent.  She said, “Mom, I want to start doing my hair by myself.”  She told me at least 3 more times before church was over.    I think she just loved her hair and you know, I loved that she was so happy.


I wanted to be sure to get this written down  so that I never forget how much this simple thing meant so much to her.

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  1. she is sooooo sweet!
    love the haircut!

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