summer is coming



This weekend I could tell that summer is just around the corner.  The weather is finally starting to feel like it’s coming.   We’ve had such a strangely cooler dry spring, that it’s been kind of confusing.  One day it feels like spring and the next like late Winter.  But we spent much of the weekend outside and it finally feeling like summer is near (today’s forecast is for 100 degrees???!!!!)  What happened to a gradual warm up?  Kansas weather is so unpredictable and crazy.



That in itself makes me excited and yet makes me  panic at the same time.  The girls have such a crazy summer schedule and I would love to just take the entire summer to be with them, running them to activities and enjoying it.   However, I have deadlines to make with so much more added on top of that.  So I’m constantly feeling pulled in 100 directions, more than usual.  So one minute I get excited about summer because there are so many things we love to do together and the other, I’m starting to freak  every time the girls mention the daily countdown to the last day of school.  I know though, my days with them home are numbered so I will work like crazy when I can and even late at night sometimes to catch up, just so I can enjoy this time together.



Our weekend was a little lazy, some flower planting, riding the horse, cooking for Mother’s Day, weeding and celebrating Marty’s birthday and really just enjoying being outside as you can see from these photos of the girls.   I looked out my kitchen window to see this on Saturday.

This is Buddy.  He is often found laying on his back.  Mostly he’s trying to get someone to scratch his belly.  2 weeks ago, he had 25 stitches in his face after running in to some animal on one of his excursions to the river.  We think probably it was a badger.  It tore a big hole in his face and he bled really bad.  McKinley found him and was pretty upset.  Felt really bad for him, but he apparently wasn’t feeling too bad when he was right back at the river 2 days later.  Stitches came out and he’s much better.  Just hope he’s a little smarter now and stays away from the badger next time.





This is McKinley and one of her good friends. They are in the same class and are both on the same gymnastics team.  They have the MOST fun playing outside.  They can play for hours, always getting along so well.  They are both kind of quiet but love playing hard outside.  It’s not uncommon to find them out there for hours.  They might be climbing trees or in the fort or on the hammock eating an apple they picked from the orchard.   But almost always they play cards, sometimes for hours at a time.   But they are always happy together and never want the day to end.     What’s funny about them is they can look just alike, on the right day.   On the softball field, I have a hard time telling which one is which at times.









I still have birthday party pictures I hope to get posted this week AND will draw the winner of the Ditto Giveaway by Friday.  Leave a comment this week to get your name entered again if you would like to.  I will enter every comment from this week for the drawing on Friday.

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    Love these photos. So glad you’re blogging again!

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